"The Lone Wolf" — Dash Rendar & Lone Wolf

"The Lone Wolf" — Dash Rendar & Lone Wolf


"The Lone Wolf".
Limited edition 'Dash Rendar' & 'Lone Wolf' cards for the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

Here he is: Dash rolling through the galaxy's most unfriendly space-scape, and still managing to deal the pain! Pretty much true to your in-game experience 😄 The shattered hulls of lesser pilots scatter before him...but has he seen the floating bomblets placed craftily amidst the debris....? 🤔 That's up to you.

What's more, we figured Dash wouldn't quite be Dash if he wasn't also charging headfirst into the fray - all alone. So we've made and tacked a Lone Wolf upgrade to him for good measure! 

All cards come sleeved.

*Print may vary slightly from the render due to the production and cut process.

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