A3TRO — 'R3A2', 'R4D6' and 'R5P9' Astromechs

A3TRO — 'R3A2', 'R4D6' and 'R5P9' Astromechs


Limited Edition Astromech 3-Pack cards:
R3A2, on Hoth in the stress-filled prelude to a battle (a frigid snowscape surrounded by pilots frantically dashing for their star-fighters, some for the last time).

R4D6, doing what R4D6 does: putting out some critical ship fires!

R5P9, n the back of the crowd-favourite ARC-170 (whoop!) He does a little whirr, deflecting fire and allowing for a ropey — but successful! — escape. Perhaps even long enough for that mean rear canon to do some work...

All cards come sleeved.

*Print may vary slightly from the render in production process.

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